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The term "classy" is most often applied to horses who run winning races in the higher purse levels at the track, or circuit where they compete - but that doesn't really help. There are literally thousands of horses that race each day in America and abroad. Knowing about Street Shark's performance exiting the July 23 race, I could not possibly understand why the horse that beat him was suddenly be dropped in class. horse comes from the clouds, toss out. Class drops are most frequently noted in claiming races. The same goes for a dirt horse trying the grass for the first time and viceversa. As the Founder of British Racecourses, I have a life-long passion for horse racing and have loved the sport as long as I can remember. Travellers, In Form Trainer . Several things would give me pause, starting with the steep drop in class (and purse value) and ending with Tribal Jewels eroding speed rations and subpar recent works, particularly his latest. Table ranked by place strike rate. Change in class is based on the old race letter classification where there are 11 classes. Today : Tomorrow: DATE COURSE TIME NO. Especially if it is a claimer race because the trainer risks losing the horse in a claim. Jockey, Horse Stats By Race The line maker, employed by the track, is a savvy Run, BetTurtle Horse If a horse that has been competing in higher valued races drops to this level, use caution. Stats for combination runs. I USE THE 30 DAY RULE OR IGNORE THIS IF PAYOFFS ARE HIGH. If they are good players, perhaps they make it to a college team. 4. Advanced will also show Expected Wins (SRI) and Archie (chi-squared) statistical figures. I do not see this in the daily stats info, i have used this site for my personal weekly 25-1000 place bet challenges and i have made a lot of money using this site so far..wish i saw this site last year :). View the current list of horses around Australia who are dropping in grade from their previous runs. w/r/c Maybe someone has already done some work in that area. fail in any one area, toss them out. Stats InfoThe stats on this page can be shown in basic or advanced mode. 1 in Kentucky Derby Top 10. Stats, One Ride b) Open claiming races where no entry in the field has ever won for this claiming price Alm No Recent Victories A horse making it's first ever race course debut will have Flat Runs of 0. Lets say a horse achieved its only win in a Maiden Claiming Race for $20,000. Run, BetTurtle Horse Wins at the course (all weather track). Code, Trainer Horse class droppers win almost three times as many races as class risers! (R) means that the jockey did not ride the horse LTO and thus is a returning jockey. Sample Ratings But, like I said, I dont have any statistical evidence that its worthwhile. Read through all the free materials on this site - then check out: our products . Both bring a temporary prosperity; both bring a permanent ruin. Zozos will be their first Kentucky Derby entry after . Joanne & Larry Ross 6100 Aumsville Hwy SE Salem, OR 97317 Home: 503-585-3100 Cell: 503-580-6827 bounce factor, which really does exist. All major credit cards are accepted & Bitcoin. Unsound ones with problems do not. Only horses with at least 5 runs included. You can also view tables for horses that have the highest earnings, that are changing in class and even a list of all horses carrying a penalty today. . Now, the party`s classification was dropped but the same people turned up. A horse is said to be moving up in class (or jumping) when it moves from one set of race conditions to another, such as from maiden special to allowance, or from a claiming race for $25,000 to one for $35,000. Above Average Edge, Case Studies Guest are limited to viewing 3 items per table. For it is my opinion that such drops are not as easy toassess as they were in the past. type of race generally puts an emphasis on late speed in a race. Remember, should it IF BOTH ARE TIED USE MOST MONEY WON FOR IN THE LIFETIME TOTAL, NOW FOR THE BAD ? Value Stats, All Green The best way to bet a drop in class is to find horses that were 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in their most recent race at a higher level. You can access these pages by browsing the Stats section of the menu bar. All handicappers that have been in the game for more than a few months know of the class-drop factor. However, how do we know when that situation These are the types of races where the class levels are most obvious (though not always so when considering the restrictions involved in some claiming races) as opposed to some of the other categories of races. Often, a horse will run well when fresh and Favourite Stats, BetTurtle Trainer 6. Stats, Jockey Flat Chaotic Races There are many tables on this page but each of them are useful for analysing today's races from a stats point of view. Winners: 1,815. We are a team of passionate racing enthusiasts and IT experts with a belief that studying horse racing form is too hard and time consuming for most people. Claiming races works similar to the allowances except the owner must sell the horse in claiming races for the price entered at and these class varies in two ways: 1st; the lower the claiming price the lower the class these horses will usually run against, and 2; the N/W 1, N/W 2, N/W 3, etc are the lowest to the best in each claiming level . Your email address will not be published. The Accuracy 2. Should a horse fail on any of these rules (even one of them) Race Information Horses dropping in class at today's races. Changers, Good Performers Last Click here to visit Bovada! Theres problems with this horse and we want to get rid of it (even so often while also trying to grab one last purse). In claiming races, it's quite simple to determine if a horse is going up or down in class. etc..). Favourite Stats, BetTurtle Trainer I set up British Racecourses with the desire to share my passion for racing with other like-minded people. Horse Handicapping: Finding and Betting Class Drops. Favourite Stats, Jockey National Hunt It has managed to finish second and third a number of times but cannot seem to manage a win. second-time starter, still a maiden. Class drops are just one approach. "Class drops" (any drop in claiming price or drop from a "protected" race into an open race) will be shown in gold - class jumps in blue. The question to ask yourself is has this horse recently been competitive at todays class level and if not have they ever been competitive at this level? If you wish to comment or add to this page then please drop us a line at: If you, like us, believe that the class of the event is determined by the main attendees then the class is the same. The reason for that is that these horses are competing with weaker horses (even though in a handicap race they may have to carry more weight). Simply put, good trainers win races, bad ones dont. ALSO I TEND ELIMINATE A HORSE WHO QUIT EVERY RACE IN THE FORM PLUS A VERY BAD POST OUTSIDE. Runners, One Runner . proposition. An interesting twist to the class drop is one that Ive noticed, but never kept any records. With this simplified class rating system you will now clearly understand if a move up or drop in class for a horse in todays race is a big jump and how that compares to other horses in the field allowing you to you quickly and easily determine if the horse is a contender at todays race class level. Two of which The times to play these horses are when the odds are acceptable to offset the risk coming off a layoff. CSV Fields, The Differentials You can use these advanced figures to determine if a stat has a sufficient sample and is reliable. Our statistics for horse races are updated regularly and pull in all the racehorses who are dropped in class. For instance, a Grade I Stakes race for older males is always a 210, a $32,000 claimer for older fillies and mares is always 140. I've presented this short research only to make a generalized point: In this instance an 'x' is listed next to the item worn. Id like to comment on the person with the insight on the 2cd drop down ANGLE. Stats, Trainer National Hunt Those stats are eye-popping. This website does not endorse or encourage illegal gambling. You can do extensive research, and compile the data that will allow you to delineate claiming ladders, and categories using average pace ratings or pars. If they plan two races of two similar classes both for horses raced 70-120, say, and in one race horses with the Official Rating of 70 turn up and in the other only horses rated 120 start, would it be fair to say that these two races are of the same class? m/f 33.33%. For the most part, each class receives a number that remains constant. This website assumes no responsibility for the actions by and makes no Has the party dropped in class or has it stayed the same? coming off a good race (win or in the money finish). Dropping a class may also raise your GPA because it can allow you to spend more time on other classes and raise your grades in them. CPos We four have such a good time that we decide to do it again next month and to allow Class `B` celebs in as well. NOT LENGTHS UNLESS NEAR 6 1/4L But both are the refuge of political and economic opportunists. Ernest Hemingway, The whole idea of government is to give the few a way to exploit the many. Bill Bonner, Meditation is simply a question of being, of melting, like a piece of butter left in the sun. -Sogyal Rinpoche, America has gazed into the abyss and apparently decided to sign a lease and move in. James Howard Kuntsler, I play to win and if it looks like Ive lost, its only because its not over yet. Kiera Dellacroix, The Melborne Cup: The Race That Destroys the Favorites, The game revolves around money in every regard. They have had sufficient time to prove their ability. Only horses who have earned win or place prize money on this surface included. Yet favorites do win races, generally For example, we decide to throw a party and decide to invite all the Class `A` (female, of course) celebs and we have a cracking time as there`s just us hosting the bash but only Michelle Pfeiffer turns up along with Catherine Zeta-Jones. But it got me wondering? Thoroughbreds are born to run but they do not all possess the same talent level. track take-out being anywhere from 16 to 25%, depending on the type of wager, you must stay A horse is moving down in class (or dropping) in reverse circumstances, such as allowance to claiming or graded to restricted stakes. Just outside the top tier of horses in the 2022 Kentucky Derby odds is Zozos (39-1), whose owners, Barry and Joni Butzow, hail from Minnesota. Once we find such a favorite, this is the type of race we The favorite must have at least tactical Tomorrow's longest travellers of horses and trainers are updated on a daily basis as the best horse racing tipsters 2023 use this data as part of their analysis. If today's race is on turf then only the jockey and trainer combination turf stats are shown. Since the Grade I race is five points higher than a Grade II race, the Grade I race is considered to be one class level stronger than a Grade II race. The only way to make money at the racetrack is to think and act differently than your So, as I said, I'm not going to try and solve this class-handicapping puzzle. Take action today, and your horse handicapping, and horse racing betting will make a huge leap into the profit zone. Its a great question. Table ranked by number of days since last win. 100.00%. In this instance an 'x' is listed next to the item worn. This applies to a horse that hasnt won in its last 10 races. Period. Please email me with any questions at cv. either of its last two races is a vulnerable favorite. EXAMPLE: 16 L BACK IN 2CD LAST RACE AND 4 LENGTHS BACK IN LAST RACE == 12 L. DIFFERENCE WOULD BE BET OVER AN 8 LENGTHS IMPROVEMENT OF ANOTHER CONTENDER. involved. A layoff is defined as 90 days or more. Think for just a second about how human athletes compete in sports. ?--or is this available in november? Using the horses form string determine which horses perform well given the conditions of today's race. Ideally you should always use the strong, or at the very least the medium setting but setting these filters will greatly reduce the stats that are displayed on the page. All races are contests of speed. Stats, Longest main clue is the program and the morning line. Betting Gods might be something worth checking out, 2013 - 2023 Only horses with at least 10 runs included. Runners, Available Data Favourite Stats, Jockey National Hunt (This data does not include; how many up-in-class horses were in these races (perhaps some of them contained no class risers), how many last-race winners there were, how many droppers lost, how many low odds droppers won - etc. favorite is the challenge in this game. If not, you can probably skip this one :-) However, it is about emotions and over-arousal . ), A Grade I race for older males has an RCL of 210, with Grade II older males receiving a 205. If they plan two races of two similar classes both for horses raced 70-120, say, and in one race horses with the Official Rating of 70 turn up and in the other only horses rated 120 start, would it be fair to say that these two races are of the same class? As stated earlier, at some tracks there are - rather than distinct class levels - class groupings. Rating Differentials Impact When a horse takes a class drop this means it is taking a step down where competition is concerned. today and looks too good to be true, it probably is. For the purposes of handicapping, give this horse a class value of $10,000. Horse US Racing is not a racebook or ADW, and does not accept or place wagers of any Copyright 2023 British Racecourses - is intended for the sole use of the individuals over 18 years of age. Each race carries an RCL that applies to all horses who competed in that race. View the daily list of Horse Racing Grade Droppers. Jump Lucky Jim is wearing Blinkers for the first time but has previously worn different headgear. Of course, the sample size is wholly insufficient, but the numbers mirror what Ive seen in other too-good-to-be-true scenarios: the win rate goes up, but the odds go down way down. In pari-mutuel wagering, your competitor is the person sitting next to you. It really is that simply. Handicappers, Well If EZ Horse Betting is your preferred approach, there are a few ways you can approach handicapping class. your disposal. All information provided by this Online Sports Betting Goes Live in Louisiana, Top Gifts for Horse Racing Fans & Bettors, Ultimate tips for online horse race betting, nice bonus, and more when you sign up today, Twin Spires Is The Official Betting Partner Of The Breeders Cup, Death of Jockey Megan Taylor at Ashburton Raceway. class drop is important lets not forget the age of the horse also i feel classdrop in horse 5yrs and under in males and gelding come pair to females is important just notice it males in c/d seem to put there heart into it notice 5yr old gelding nest time but as we all know what looks solid couse of action today dies tomorrow also time off between c/d is important to me unless horse is w.o. Which is the Royal Racecourse: Ascot, Newmarket, York ? Throw in a U.S. Stl% At Turfdom, we have come up with a number of proven rules to a) Claimers, non-winners of two lifetime. 6. Take a peek at the digits on horses that finished in the money (third or better) and were claimed in their last race: Number: 10,350 Winners: 1,815 Win Rate: 17.5% $2 Return (ROI): $1.51 (-24.53%). given date. You can view stats such as trainer and jockey combinations, changes in trainer, penalty carriers, quick returners, class changers and much more. country to country. Saddled by a Losing Trainer These races make up the majority of races at any race track on a given day. Trainer, Course Stats By e.g. Included are; Optional claimers, starter handicaps and allowance races (as well as stakes races) - as opposed to straight claimers (at similar price levels) where the horse can be lost via a claim. Sign up to get the latest insights delivered straight to your inbox. 50% free bets up to $250 5% cash back. "What do you guys and gals do when you see this?" Stats, Jockey National Hunt or better. been proven, year after year that favorites lose 67% of the time. Your email address will not be published. 9. We are a team of passionate racing enthusiasts and IT experts with a belief that studying horse racing form is too hard and time consuming for most people. Any horse that drops suspiciously in. Just like other athletes, these horses have different skill levels. How often does the 3rd fav win over all races flat and national hunt. Notice that the win rate stayed about the same, but the $2 net return actually decreased. Subscribe today and have instant access to all of our systems, stats and ratings! Stl Interestingly, Bella was claimed in this race as well and, on Nov. 15, 2016, competed in a $10,000 claiming affair for a $30,000 purse. Conn In the Race Information description at the top of each page we describe how we calculate the class of a race. Trying a New Distance or Surface Today Also, everyone knows to pay attention to a horse making its 2nd, 3rd, or 4th attempt following a layoff. I USE THE MOST MONEY WON [LIFETIME] AS MY BET ON TOP IF MORE THAN ONE CONTENDER OF THIS TYPE. It just goes to show that there are First, we have to decide who the public will make the favorite in a given race. d) First condition allowance races where all the horses have showed they can not win at Therefore, horses in a $10,000 claiming race can be bought by anyone with an owners license and $10,000. A horse that can only run a half-mile in :48 seconds is unlikely to ever beat a horse that can run the same distance in :44 seconds. There are some positive things to look for as well. Second Time Head Gear applies to the exact item being worn today. First Time Head Gear applies to the exact item being worn today. Posted by ginag2 on Jul 24, 2012 in Blog | 7 comments. Thats the way trainer Brian Lynch is , By Richard Rosenblatt Hes a Hall of Famer, and one of the most well-respected trainers in the business ever. Click here to visit Ignition Casino! Alternatively, you can read the Ignition Casino review first. In this guide we look at horses who have been dropped in class, this means they are running against weaker horses than in their last race. You can determine the relationship between any class levels using the RCL; its that easy. Your email address will not be published. Theoretically, it will now be facing horses closer to its own skill level. Nice article. I want find records of historical winning SP to class of of race rating - Flat & NH do you have these ? But the same race conditions at Golden Gate Fields would be rated at 145. The new numbers classification is less informative as it only has 7 classes. do you like monovision or regret it,

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