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Both survived. Ewing has been locked up since. We often times want answers that fit into a box and I am sorry to say in this case we will not get them. The case got a jolt in 2009 when a retired FBI photographer used graphic images from the crime scenes during a class lecture. She suffered severe injuries to her head, jaw, and neck. Shippers choose our flatbed, step deck, RGN or other specialized trailers to move freight that is too large to be The killer was never brought to justice. This case impacted not just the victims, but it also terrorized an entire community, he said. For an overview of the case, you can review my extensive post from yesterday which covered many of the details. On August 7th, 2018, it was announced that there were significant new developments in the Smith/Bennett case, and that a news conference would be held at 10:00 AM on Friday, August 10th with more information. We offer a suite of trucking and specialized logistics services, from flatbed and step deck trucking, driveaway, manufactured housing transport and RV delivery to 3PL/4PL logistics, customs brokerage . Ewing was convicted of killing 27-year-old Bruce and 26 year-old Debra Bennett, as well as their 7-year-old daughter Melissa, in Aurora. This mans only motive was to inflict as much pain as possible and kill his victims. She was also sexually assaulted and the intruder left a small hammer near her body. Serve as lead administrator of a K-3, 9-12 urban site . The childs skull was caved in on the right side of her forehead and a metal plate was inserted to reshape the skull. Two different crime labs analyzed the fuzzy imprint, and they came up with different results. All rights reserved. He attacked the couple with a hammer, bludgeoning them with it and leaving them for dead. Is it not true that you usually get police closer to a suspect faster than they ever could without using dna? The police found her posed with her arms crossed over her chest, as if she was in a coffin. He noticed a gaping wound on the left side of her skull. Thieves like to hit them for the tools the guys leave at the sites overnight. Lauer and Phelps disappeared on Labor Day weekend while on their way to Virginia Beach. January 10th, 1984 started just like any other day, with Patricia dropping off her daughter and grandkids at work/school. 28 year old Bruce Bennett had jumped into action when the attacker entered the family home and a struggle broke out between the two as Bennett attempted to protect his family. July 23, 1993. He was arrested for the crime but went on to escape from prison transport during a gas station break. Even though Vanessas jaw was crushed, sending jagged bones into her windpipe, she survived after her grandmother, Constance Bennett, checked on the family later that morning when they didnt show up to work at a family-owned furniture store. Mendelian Genetics | Mendelian Theory, Principles & Applications, The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973: Composition & Important Sections, Indian Penal Code, 1860: Amendments, Composition & Provisions, Difference Between Autonomous vs Automate Process With Examples, Indian Evidence Act, 1872: Amendments & Important Sections. This call occurred over a month after her attack. She survived. In fact, there was a string of unsolved crimes in the area that took place just days apart from each other. Bruce, his wife Debra and 7-year-old Melissa were found dead. One lab felt that the letters were RICHAR. Another lab felt that it said PETAW C, with a space or fold between the W and the C and perhaps another fold in there as well. Determine the level of organization/disorganization of each crime scene. By far, easier prey lay in wait just north which would be Colfax Ave and at the time might not have hit the news like the murder of the Bennett family did had the crime occurred in a neighborhood more near Colfax. bennett family murders addressithaca high school lacrosse roster. If he had not done that, they may have been the unfortunately victims. No services are scheduled at this time. Your email address will not be published. The other kids at school would tease her, telling her the hammer man was going to come and finish her off. Your email address will not be published. It begins with a woman killed with a hammer in Lakewood and, a week later, a family killed the same way in Aurora. The mandatory minimum sentence for each count is life with possibility of parole after 20 years, according to the prosecution. April 6th, 2001 If you are just simply looking at it, you miss the most critical and important clues. Before he was sentenced, Ewing declined the chance to speak to the victim's family members, who were present in the courtroom including Vanessa Bennett, who is now 41. There are some instances where a strange phone call was received, but its not thought to be the offender. Suspect in long-unsolved, brutal Aurora hammer murders has been in Nevada prison Grandview placed on accidental lockdown Tuesday morning, Police say man shot in the leg Thursday in Aurora knew, IN THE BLUE: Aurora cop disciplined but not charged for stalking, All hands on deck: Aurora police leaders say agency still prioritizing, Former APS superintendent Rico Munn honored with Congressional resolution, Two Americans arrested on charges of selling tech to Russia, Carbon dioxide emissions reached a record high in 2022, SpaceX launches US, Russia, UAE astronauts to space station, Lilly plans to slash some insulin prices, expand cost cap, China says TikTok ban reflects US insecurities, EDITORIAL: Allowing APD to hire cheaters and liars undermines its goal, PERRY: Refusing to hide its crazy, Colorado GOP gathers to elect, Hasan Minhaj ready to lean into silliness at Spirit Awards, Review: Operation Fortune is a by-the-numbers spy caper, Everything you need to know about the 2023 Academy Awards, TikTok sets new default time limits for minors, Hate your signature? document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Dont profile by. Darkness had just fallen. I just read this article and Im completely blown away so much of what you speculated turned out to be spot on. He viciously struck the young child in the head with a hammer. She too worked at the family-owned furniture store, and was happily helping raise the couples two children, Melissa (seven-years old, about to turn eight) and Vanessa (three years old), with the man that she loved. Not only was she left with physical injuries and scars as a reminder of the attack, she was also left with ADHD, PTSD and bipolar disorder. Not only was she left with physical injuries and scars as a reminder of the attack, but she was also left with ADHD, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. Their disappearance was widely reported by the national news media. Its our hope that something can come from this new push that will finally solve it. Jun 2004 - 201612 years. Donna pulled into the driveway, hit the remote to open the garage, and pulled her car in. There, lying on the floor next to the couch and just a few feet away from the front door, was the carefully posed body of their grandmother. He picked all of his victims for a reason, something about them attracted him to them, they all had one common denominator that drew him to those specific individuals. After failing with the EAR, we needed a sidebar showing that the techniques actually work because they do! In 2018, a DNA match linked Alex Ewing to the Jan. 15, 1984, killings of Bruce and Debra Bennett, as well as their daughter Melissa. The 3-year-old sister, Vanessa, was the only survivor. Later autopsies would reveal that the Bennetts had died due to blunt force trauma and that their attacker had likely used a hammer. If you were living in La Jolla in the early 80s, you knew the Brodericks. Ewing massacred a family but left a key to his identity, Chief Deputy District Attorney Garrik Storgaard told the jury. Investigators did not forget about the hammer murders, however, nor did the town of Aurora; for years the authorities and true crime sleuths never gave up trying to identify the sick individual responsible for the murders and assaults that happened that year. ~Then on Jan. 10, 1984, someone used a hammer to strike 50-year-old Patricia Louise Smith several times in the head in her Lakewood home thus killing her sometime between 3pm and 5pm. Her nude body was found over a week later in the Friant-Kern Canal near Woodlake an area located northeast of Visalia and a fair distance away from where shed disappeared. I hurt myself. Required fields are marked *. It seems that Debra was the next victim, and she may have even been approached and incapacitated in the middle of Bruces struggle with the killer. Smith was attacked in the condo she shared with her daughter and grandchildren and the hammer was left behind. Its probably nothing that will move the case forward, but that show is coming out pretty soon so youll be able to find out what that is in just a couple months! Bizberg Themes, Forensic Science and Cyber Forensics Quiz (Free). Those were the sentencing rules in 1984, and since these crimes were committed at that time, Ewing is grandfathered into those standards. His use of ligatures were fairly distinct and helped tie a lot of the crimes together. This is a very unique activity, and it helps tie the EARONS crimes together based on M.O. He then tries to strangle her with a telephone . . Here are a few of the notable phone calls: January 15th, 1979 The jury found Ewing guilty on. document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()); Copyright 2023 From 1987 to 1991, a serial offender known as Mr Cruel abducted children around Melbourne, Australia. The previous week, on the 10th of January, a woman in her fifties named Patricia Smith had also been murdered in her own home in a townhouse in Green Mountain, Lakewood, which is just a 25 minutes drive from Bennets home in Aurora. He shouted her name, but she could only groan in response. For the first time, Stetson Bennett is publicly addressing his January arrest for public intoxication in Texas. Not one part of this familys life would indicate such a violent predator was going to kill them. Investigators were able to piece together the details of the horrendous ordeal through study of the evidence and the crime scene. Despite the trauma of the attack and losing an incredible amount of blood, the doctors and nurses were able to save her life. Debra was savagely beaten to death with a hammer. Required fields are marked *. Evidence of wounds caused by a blade revealed that Bruce attempted to defend himself as the intruder swiped and slashed at him with a knife. Family medicine doctors are primary-care physicians trained. The Bennett family was attacked either the night of Jan. 15 or the morning of Jan. 16. Part of our book involves some very in-depth detective and forensic work. On November 7, 2014, police announced they had arrested Charles "Chase" Merritt, Joseph . The Bennett family was attacked either the night of Jan. 15 or the morning of Jan. 16. KUSA reports that Vanessa recounted for the courtroom how the critical head injuries she survived left her with a lifetime of problems, including depression, anxiety, anger and struggles with heroin abuse. The bodies of John Paul Bennett, 13, Lacey Bennett, 11, their mother Terri Harris, 35, and Lacey's friend Connie Gent, 11, were discovered at the property near Sheffield, on Sunday morning.. During the winter in Colorado its difficult to find a construction crew working well into the night. Being able to track the victim down (the call occurred at her workplace) meant that most likely, he was a free man and had stopped killing of his own volition. They pledged to continue to support the families via their victim services organizations. The hammer stuck her in the jaw, shattering the bone which splintered in an explosion of small fragments that punctured her windpipe. She was happy to be home for a while, and eagerly awaiting the next day when her boyfriend, Ronald Holm, would be home. This killer is indiscriminate in terms of who he kills, attacks or rapes. DNA at both the Bennett crime Scene and the Smith crime scene were matched to the same killer in 2010. Special recognition was given to Detective Steve Conner from the Major Crimes Unit who, incidentally was at the scene of the Bennett crime as a young deputy, and who has worked the case for many, many years. As of December 2021, the Boulder Police Department has processed more than 1,500 pieces of evidence related to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. If it were me, I would explore other possibilities in terms of profiling my suspect here, explore past just some guy who was currently working construction in the area or druggies who killed in a drug fueled rage. Here are the days of the week the alleged killer struck each victim (s). Before Donna Dixon was even found, another crime had taken place 26 miles to the west in the city of Lakewood. Patricia had come home from work for lunch, stopping at Wendys on the way. Sadly, technology was not as advanced in the mid-eighties as it is today, and the case went cold, remaining that way for over 30 years. Youre going to suck my cock again.. Bruce and Debra were brutally attacked and killed inside their home, Melissa was killed and also raped. Ewing would not stop hitting her the entire time and eventually the woman realized that she would have to play dead in order to get him to stop. Currently all 50 states have to collect DNA for certain types of Felony crimes and submit it to CODIS. The family overall lead a very quiet and peaceful life. Tamara Lich's trial on multiple charges related to the Freedom Convoy protests is set to start in the fall. The childs skull was caved in on the right side of her forehead and a metal plate was inserted to reshape the skull, she suffered severe injuries to her head, jaw and neck. Police later linked the murder of the Bennett family with another rape and murder that happened just less than a week before. Twenty-eight-year-old Donna Dixon, fresh off a shift working as a flight attendant, had been out running some errands. Blood was all over the garage floor. The hammer struck her in the jaw, shattering the bone which splintered in an explosion of small fragments that punctured her windpipe. The previous week, on the 10th of January,awoman in her fifties named Patricia Smith had also been murdered in her own home in a townhouse in Green Mountain, Lakewood, which is just a 25 minute drive from the Bennetts home in Aurora. How do you feel knowing this case was solved? Her body was found in a basement . He was currently working at a family-owned furniture store, but was taking classes at the local college and would soon be working as an air traffic controller. Medical professionals werent sure if the hammer attack would leaveVanessa with permanent brain damage or not, but the girls family held on to the hope that she would make a full recovery. She was numb and cold, and somehow was able to get to her feet and go inside the house. CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4) - A judge sentenced Alex Ewing to three life sentences on Tuesday after he was found guilty in the 1984 murders of three people in Aurora. The couples youngest daughter, 3 year old Vanessa, was also attacked by the hammer wielding assailant. October 21st, 1982 James and Kim divorced divorced in the fall of 1987. She left her hometown and moved to Arizona, at one point spending half a year homeless, living under a bridge. The 1982 call is important, because the offender hadnt killed for over a year, and it was thought that he mightve been incarcerated. Dont you feel cheated a little? But he isnt going to talk about this crime to just a friend or bar mate. All four family members were assaulted, only one survived. It was Monday evening, January 9th, 1984. Were happy to at least have a little bit of science behind us on this and it was worth exploring, even though the result was inconclusive. The house was not ransacked, but the contents of her purse were strewn about. Date: April 9th/10th, 1988 Its nothing more or less than that. He raced inside and quickly found Donna in the middle of the blood-soaked bed. He faced six . But thanks to modern technology and the incredible talent and dedication of several individuals, it seems this case has finally been solved. With time, multiple surgeries, and the support of her extended family, Vanessa began to recover from her physical injuries but living a normal life after losing both her parents to a murderer who had yet to be captured and convicted made childhood difficult. See them as the killer did, see the victims as the killer did at that moment. Camper explained that the CBI does a nightly check of all of their profiles against the CODIS system, and at that point, in early July, there was a match. RELATED: Bennett family murders: Full coverage of suspect's trial. For a twelve-day period in January 1984, the cities of Aurora and Lakewood Colorado were preyed upon by one of the most terrifying breeds of killers a man who would attack strangers, rape the women and children, and bludgeon them to death. Tarot Spread To Ask A Question; Peut On Boucher La Vue D'un Voisin; Thirty Eight Snub Meaning Victim #14received a phone call from a man who whispered Remember when we played? She positively identified the man as the voice of the East Area Rapist. DeAngelo was a police officer in nearby Exeter at the time, and has been confirmed by police to be tied to a string of over 100 burglaries, a murder, and an attempted murder that occurred in Visalia in 1974 and 1975. When he arrived in Aurora almost four years ago Metz said he spoke to detectives about the citys cold cases and this one, which he said shocked the conscience of the community, stuck with him. Would you like to contribute as an editor or a writer on our site? Safdar Ali was allegedly involved in selling weapons to gang members of Atiq Ahmed. The Bennett family. Family photo Police say DNA evidence links Alex Ewing to the 1984 murders of three members of Bruce and Debra Bennett and their 7-year-old daughter Melissa, left. Vanessa, after a wait of 3 decades received a call from the Aurora sheriffs department informing her that her parents killer had been identified as 57-year-old Alexander Christopher Ewing. Second Crime Scene He was currently working at a family-owned furniture store, but was taking classes at the local college and would soon be working as an air traffic controller. Rather than wait until 2019 when the book will be published, we thought wed at least share the results with you. The house of Safdar Ali, who is allegedly a close aide of Atiq Ahmad, was demolished by the administration. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ive provided a complete listing of known phone calls where the East Area Rapist / Golden State Killer actually spoke at this link: Profiling like that is a great place to start, yet it can also mean that its a great place to leave a crime long enough that it goes cold. She slumped over onto the passenger seat. The intruder, apparently thinking she was dead, began to make his escape. In just two days,. She too survived the attack, although she was first in a coma for some time. A brief question and answer session involved the police asking any residents or witnesses to come forward with anything they might know in relation to these crimes so that the prosecution can continue to build its case. Nevada inmate accused of Colorado murders says he'll fight extradition. He kept the hammer. Alexander Ewings list of seemingly endless violent crimes are described throughout the many articles published about him since he has been identified as the man behind the murder of the Bennett family. A typical way one would see this is that he likes control, that is wrong. Even after he was struck and injured severely, Bruce continued to struggle valiantly with his attacker, and it seems he climbed the stairs after him even after the intruder thought that he was unconscious or dead. Nevada inmate charged in 1984 hammer killing of Lakewood grandmother. The cases are commonly known as the 1984 Colorado Hammer Murders. Ewing was not identified as a suspect until a DNA hit in July 2018 linked him to semen left at the crime scene. His sentence runs through 2037 but he would be eligible for parole in 2021. Channel 2 sports director Zach Klein is at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, where. The couple's 3-year-old daughter Vanessa was also beaten but survived with permanent injuries. Now She's Speaking Out, Mass. Note: We cover the Armour case and the other Visalia Ransacker crimes in our new book, Secret Origin of the Golden State Killer: Visalia Ransacker. They do value daylight hours and work them whenever they can during the winter months. Ewing has been behind bars in Nevada since the summer of 1984 after he escaped there while being transported to Kingman, Arizona, from St. George, Utah, for a court appearance on attempted murder and burglary charges. One of those techniques was an innovative imaging tool by Parabon Nanolabs which provides an approximation of what they offender mightve looked like at both the time of the crimes and in the current day. Theyd moved there around Thanksgiving from another place a few miles away, and had so far enjoyed their quiet, developing neighborhood. Late on Jan. 9 or early on Jan 10, a flight attendant was beaten, possibly with a hammer, and sexually assaulted after she pulled into the garage of her home in Aurora. He was immediately alarmed at the scene in the garage her clothes, purse, and even some of the mail was by her car. Im your biggest fan. The bludgeoned bodies of husband and wife, Bruce and Debra Bennett, were discovered and it soon became evident that both were attacked with a knife and beaten to death. Ewing is arrested and incarcerated. It begins with a woman killed with a hammer in Lakewood and, a week later, a family killed the same way. Alexander was not identified as a suspect until a DNA hit in July 2018 linked him to semen left at the crime scene. The killer then ascended the staircase and entered the couples bedroom where attacked Bruces wife, 26 year old Debra, who he raped before bludgeoning to death. Patricia had only been living in Lakewood for about three and a half months, having moved there from Nebraska with her daughter, who was recently divorced. Advancements in DNA evidence led investigators to a match with Ewing and samples collected from the crime scene as well as one of the victims 34 years later. He usually tied them so tightly that circulation was restricted, used the same types of knots, and would often have the wife tie up the husband (and then retie the husband himself). It was a beautiful area, with clean, crisp air and the mountains rising up to the west. Vanessa Bennett sat under a picnic shelter on a muggy Arizona morning and talked for the first time about the physical and emotional toll she bears as the only surviving victim of one of. He used two methods, and announced a few weeks ago that hed struck out with his first attempt. Damien Bendall, 31, is now alleged to have raped and murdered Lacey Bennett . In that homicide, DNA evidence was found matching Ewing. Recently, the Sun-Gazette has reported that Joseph DeAngelo, the man arrested for the Visalia Ransacker / Golden State Killer crimes, has been added to the suspect list. It was believed that the main garage door was left open throughout the night and that the door leading from the garage to the house was possibly left unlocked. She recently gave an interview, which you can view here (link).. There wasnt anything notable stolen from the scene, and the attack had all the hallmarks of a random crime. Nothing else appeared to be missing. There was the sound of children and maybe a woman in the background, which couldve potentially come from a television or some other source. I would re-profile the killer, re-examine the details of each victims daily life, re-examine the suspect pool, re-examine the crime scenes without any emotion whatsoever. The next thing Donna remembered was waking up naked in the garage. Weve been given a hi-resolution copy to share, which you can view by clicking below: Around this time, on this very night 38 years ago, the EAR/GSK beganlaying siege to Goleta, California. Laid out in this manner, not only can you see the ratio of prowlings to ransackings, but you can get a feel for any patterns that mightve occurred, and you can clearly see when he was most active and when he was dormant. She said in an interview that she has big plans for the future, and reminds us that "its never too late to achieve big things. He stayed on the prosecution team with Storgaard and Senior Deputy District Attorney Megan Brewer. Ron kept vigil and kept guard in her hospital room day and night. The guy here fit the profile you provided over that of the fbi. James, who posts online from time to time, discusses how vividly the case still haunts him even to this day. The attacker retrieved a butcher knife from the kitchen and began stabbing Bruce in various places on his upper body, and once Bruce was incapacitated again the offender used the knife to slit his throat from ear to ear. & The jury found Ewing guilty on Aug. 6 of killing three members of the Bennett family with a hammer. Chris Harris has been a senior true crime reporter for PEOPLE since late 2015. On night of January 16 th, 1984 a gruesome discovery was made at a house on 16300 East Center Drive, Aurora, Colorado. The Bennett family murders is a case that goes back more than three decades. The press conference panel continually emphasized the destruction that this case has left on the lives of those affected. He was among many who worked the case tirelessly for many years and is directly responsible for using some of the innovative DNA technologies, such as the Parabon Nanolabs imaging that came out a few years ago.

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