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We are not just a paint booth installation company, we install many types of industrial booths and equipment as well. Automotive paint booths are designed to provide a controlled environment for painting and drying, which helps to ensure that the paint is applied evenly and consistently. Stainless Steel Piping. we are here to service all your paint booth needs. Kye Yeungs customers love their cars and they drive fancy ones. Please note, we DO NOT handle any residential work. The Budd Group has gone above and beyond in providing custodial services to our district. Our team can discuss and review your options with you to compile a comprehensive plan to implement your new system. Usually the powder coating is a specific color. From small, bench-style paint booths to multi-stage automated finishing systems, GFS offers an incredibly diverse range of products for businesses of all types and sizes. 2023 The Budd Group. . At Accudraft, we work with an extensive network of authorized distributors and service technicians who can provide regularly scheduled, as well as emergency paint booth service on any automotive spray booth or finishing system. We also get your booth back in service quicker. Let us help you design your shop layout today! js.src = "//"; We are here to find the right solution for you, whether you are adding finishing equipment to your current paint or powder coating system or need to replace or add a new line. Many low-cost sellers lack the knowledge and team to help you with more than just the purchase and shipping of a paint booth. Parts and filters in stock for paint booths, air compressors, and automotive lifts; 10321 Veterans Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77038-----Join Our Email List. Service Nationwide service by trained technicians who understand the connection between paint booths and quality paint finishes Maintenance From filter and belt changes to paint booth clean-ups, we can handle all of your paint booth, compressor, and industrial coating equipment needs Shop Online! First - We pack your booth with almost everything you will need to install it with the exception of your light bulbs (those tend to break in the shipping) and your electrical wiring (local codes vary) . We offer paint booth installation for every application. Paint booths are used for large-scale spray painting and finishing jobs. After a comprehensive study of your current process, we consider if you will need a complete line or system replacement in the future or upgrades to your older equipment. After your piece is clean and ready to be coated, you can consider powder coating or liquid painting. Cycle time, temperature, lighting and reaction time are just a few of the settings you can adjust to your preference. GFS strives to meet the unique needs of every customer with pre-engineered and custom solutions for paint application across the globe. In the purchasing phase, we knowthe actual paint booth structure is just one of many purchases. We are full service contractors, we will provide the plans . Spray Booth Services is a division of John Baker Sales LLC. Our experts will guide you through this process and provide you with a system that will meet your needs. Paint Booth Suppression Systems - Using dry chemicals, these systems are designed to protect a paint booths duct, plenum and work area for both enclosed and open-faced . The Budd Group provides exceptional custodial services for our campus. We are ready to provide them with any support, including equipment drawings that they may need in order to complete your project. We offer Paint Booth installation and duct-work installation also. With industry leading experience in all aspects of finishing equipment sales, service and installation you will not be disappointed with your next booth purchase from us. As we look forward to what 2023 has in store, we pause to look back on 2022. Paint Booth Specialists are an industry leading engineering company that manufacures paint booths with a wide range of applications for a diverse and growing market place. Welcome to Paint Booth, proudly serving the entire U.S. with over 25 years of experience in consulting for and installation of all types of spray booth and paint line systems. Tej Paint Booths technical support team is here five days a week to help you through all of your installation needs and beyond. For apaint booth to function at its best, it must remain clean. We are an authorized installer and distributor for FS Curtis air compressors. Let us know your product requirements, and we will put you in touch with a distributor in your area. From paper to reality, we make it a simple process. All Rights Reserved. Read our press release here. Slim Light LED Series Paint Booth Light Fixtures. Filterworks USA is a licensed general and mechanical contractor who has been serving the Florida collision repair market for over 30 years. Airflow equals cashflow. We will figure out the best way to remove and dispose of your old paint booth so that your new installation will go as smoothly as possible. We know how important your schedule and time are. Paint Booth Maintenance Services, Inc.(PBMS) is a multi-discipline paint booth company founded in 1996 concentrating primarily in the southeast region of the United States. Here are just a few examples of the services we provide: Installing finishing equipment is only part of what we do. Apaint booth might run mostly automatically or require manual labor aswell. To extend the life of your new and existing equipment and to get the most out of it you must complete regularly scheduled maintenance on your paint booths, but its also important to have access to top notch paint booth service and emergency repair whenever you need it. Call 800.380.7765 or drop us a note here. Contact Desert Booth Service for all your paint booth and equipment repair needs. Commercial Paint Booth Design and Installation: Wencl Services Inc offers a wide range of paint booths to meet your finishing needs. We specialize in helping finishers increase productivity. We are ready and capable to assist you with a full system installation, from concrete, roofing, and electrical to fire suppression and permitting. We will work closely with you to adhere to your schedule, minimize disruptions, and complete tasks on time. Often overlooked, the very last step of any finishing line is actually removing and disposing of the waste create during the process. If you are looking to relocate or have purchased used finishing equipment we can move it! js = d.createElement(s); = id; We design and engineer our products around the user and are continually improving designs and materials to bring you the best in build quality and technology. Guido Pippa, CEO. We believe in quality over quantity. We have you covered no matter what type of finishing you dofrom wood, planes and trains to automobiles. Our booth configurations are all optimized to deliver a clean, safe and more productive working environment. There are no harmful volatile organic compounds used in powder coating, so there are no extra steps in disposal. Call today or request a price quote online! know who are the best paint booth installation and service providers in Sydney: R&I Zambesi The Humble Beginners. We want you to the know the equipment like the back of your hand, and we dont expect you to learn by yourself. Paint Booth installation can be a difficult process, and we are here to ease that pain. Our aim is to go above and beyond for our customers one at a time. Explain paint booth exhaust/duct work requirements. These fully or partially enclosed ventilated spaces increase workflow efficiency while minimizing the negative impact of paint fumes on workers and the environment. If you are looking to see where productivity and system functionality stand in your facility, then consider this enhancement is a must-have. Southern Booth and Equipment is a fully licensed and insured installer of paint booths and refinishing equipment in Florida. No matter what type of spray booth you have or are looking to purchase we can help install it: We install booths and system across the country, so we have the experience that your project requires. Our trained technicians will complete a thorough physical inspection and 16 point tune up of your equipment and make sure that everything is running as it should. Our expert technicians are trained to work on all booth makes and models including: AFC, Blow- Therm, Accudraft, GFS, and many more! If your equipment is giving you trouble, isnt working as well as it should or if you are simply in need of immediate paint booth service, please give us a call at 1-800-524-0340 today. I personally have had the best experience and relationship with The Budd Group. At ABC we make it our mission to respond quickly to get your booth up and running again. (313) 766-4400 Our Primary Paint Booth Design, Installation & Maintenance Services Include: Shop Layouts and Design Auto CAD Drawings Spray Booth Installations Spray Booth Repairs (All Makes & Models) HVAC Service & Maintenance Electronic Measuring Duct Work Installation & Maintenance Gas Piping & Water Piping Installation PBMS provides sales and installation services for new and used quality paint booth products including dual-wall and single-wall automotive and truck booths, open-front . Call us at 1-800-524-0340 to discuss or email us below. The true cost of a booth or other equipment lies in the purchase price but also the installation. When it comes to custom applications and design we are an industry leader. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Our organization has always been built on quality. In the installation phase, we are honest about freight charges and delivery time frames, because we know the construction process is a complicated one that is prone to interruptions. VISIT US. Global Finishing Solutions will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to provide updates and marketing. No system is complete without high quality compressed air. Contact Us to Learn More About Our Maintenance Plans. For information on install, service & maintenance, refer to the appropriate link. Our team of professional and experienced installers help with every aspect of install. With experience in installing for Industrial and Automotive applications, we make it an easy choice. We dont keep our true opinion to ourselves so we can up-sell you or hook you. We are interested in you purchasing from us, but we are also interested in seeing your business grow just like ours, and that requires knowledge of the mechanics behind a finishing line. The most important aspect of buying a booth or other finishing equipment is to be an EDUCATED buyer. Industrial space design also available! At WD Services, Inc. we understand that our credibility is what keeps us at the forefront of our industry. The Nations PREMIER Installation & Solution Provider. We know each project requires a comprehensive quoting process since each inquiry is different from the next. We take pride in our installation work, and we want to make sure the equipment is operated with care and precision. These coats can be easily removed when its time to clean thebooth. With the current rise in EPA regulations including 6H and OSHA regulations, you will want to make sure that your finishing department meets or exceeds industry standards. Our booths are designed with worker safety in mind. You can change your mind at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email you receive from us, or by contacting us at At Summit Companies our factory trained technicians specialize in kitchen hood suppression system installation. Learn More Obtain instant access to all phases of painting and setting modifications. We always know what is cutting-edge, and we can update your old booth to keep you at your most competitive. We can work with you on everything from control panel upgrades to LED lighting. Accudraft EnergySmart control system - Run your finishing system with up to half the energy cost of a traditional system. Click here to schedule a visit or to learn more. This upgrade can be included in any new finishing system or retrofitted on any existing equipment. We also have the skill to make your current system more energy efficient. Tej Paint Booth's technical support team is here five days a week to help you through all of your installation needs and beyond. Available in various features, specifications, and sizes. We put special care into training our customers to use the equipment and technology we install, and we are always knowledgeable of how the industry changes. Standard Tools and Equipment Co. was established in 1979 to service the auto body and collision repair industry. During these unprecedented pandemic times The Budd Group has been flexible and responsive to the changing needs our district has had in every way. This maintenance service can include mechanical component examination and servicing, filter replacement, light fixture inspection, bulb and ballast replacement and booth cabin cleaning. With powder, you get a flexible coating that withstands bending. Our preventative maintenance programs are customized to your needs and your equipment. We really do it all. Back to Top. NEED HELP PERMITS & INSTALLING ? To learn more about what we offer or discuss your next project, please email us or call us at 877 263-8733. The job is not complete until you are completely satisfied. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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