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5 Recommendations Guided by analysis of survey results, the report offers some key recommendations on areas for future work: Develop capacity-building and learning activities to support meaningful and inclusive stakeholder engagement, especially online engagement. They successfully bought 40% of Swiss charter operation Tea Basel AG in 1998. Start a PESTEL analysis for the general business environment of EasyJet. Stakeholder analysis Participating in the development of business processes, reporting, and training to bring easyJet Strategy to life. This stability is a significant advantage for the growth of Easyjet [54], EasyJet's head office is Hangar 89 (H89), a building located on the grounds of London Luton Airport in Luton, Bedfordshire; the hangar is located 150 metres (490ft) from EasyLand, the previous headquarters of the airline. [56][57], The Airline TV series created by LWT and filmed between 1999 and 2007 made EasyJet a household name in the United Kingdom. Airline Since its launch the site had taken more than 800000 bookings by March 2000. Answer (1 of 4): A number of these stakeholders can be Identified. The Airline business segment operates its route network. Carbon dioxide, organization. Severe disruption hits airline, with a major factor being its reliance on capacity-constrained airports such as Gatwick . [14], EasyJet was featured in the television series Airline, broadcast on ITV (19982007), which followed the airline's operations at London Luton and later at other bases. As a result, it is the first major airline in the world to operate net-carbon-zero flights across its entire network. Low-cost carrier, EasyJet is originally discovered by a Greek named Sir Stelios - Loannou in 1995. [28], Originally, much like Southwest, EasyJet did not allocate seats passengers took any available seats, with the option to pay for "Speedy Boarding", which allowed them to be first onto the aircraft. Low-cost carrier This service offers free allocated seating (including extra legroom), priority check-in, fast-track security, speedy boarding and extra cabin baggage. You'll get a detailed solution from a subject matter expert that helps you learn core concepts. Corporate Social Responsibility (SCR) Decisions should be made in a way that takes into account all stakeholders' interests. To simplify the process we suggest that you start by identifying groups that fall into one of four categories: organizational capital market product market and social. Updated: Feb 28th, 2023. [38] In April 2020, EasyJet secured a 600 million loan from the UK Government with no environmental conditions attached. British Airways for only $11.00 $9.35/page. [16] This came after the company had flown 650 'rescue flights', taking 45,000 people back home. EasyJet Business Model Analysis Low-cost carrier [40], In April 2020, EasyJet became involved in a dispute with its owner and largest shareholder, Stelios Haji-Ioannou. Stakeholder Britain is isolated on geographical conditions across the sea with other countries in the European continents so the aircraft is the most convenient mode of transportation. Advertisement cookies are used to provide visitors with relevant ads and marketing campaigns. Modern aircraft fleet with unparalleled network. The airline offers headphones for purchase, along with a travel pillow and eyeshades, subject to stock. Stakeholders can affect, Premium The first aircraft, an Airbus A320, was re-registered as OE-IVA. Other uncategorized cookies are those that are being analyzed and have not been classified into a category as yet. Tesco are a one of the largest retailer stores in the world. The coating has already been used on US military aircraft and if successful EasyJet would apply the paint to its whole fleet. EasyGroup Holdings Ltd (the investment vehicle of the airlines founder, Greek-Cypriot businessman Stelios Haji-Ioannou, and his family) is the largest shareholder with a 15.269% stake (as of September 2021). BMAN72801 5. Additionally its total revenue per seat grew by 5.1&capacity measured in seat flown. [22][109][110], In December 2001, the airline switched from a third-party reservation system to an in-house system. What are various methods available for deploying a Windows application? EasyJet the company is a low cost airline looking to undercut traditional carriers that were already known and established in the industry. Britain is isolated on geographical conditions across the sea with other countries in the European continents so the aircraft is the most convenient mode of transportation. Some 2,208 customers had their . Premium [20], In April 1996, the first wholly owned aircraft was delivered to EasyJet, enabling the company's first international route, to Amsterdam, which was operated in direct competition with rival airlines British Airways (BA) and Dutch flag carrier KLM. Airline An example of this is when ''Go'' a budget airline owned by British Airways was taken over by EasyJet in 2002. Southwest Airlines Airline Staffing and recruiting 10 TABLE OF CONTENTS A press release issued by KCC, and copied to the Ghana News Agency, in Accra, said the . [12] In 2014, the airline carried more than 65million passengers,[13] making it the second-largest budget airline in Europe by number of passengers carried, behind Ryanair. Air France With number 1 and 2 market share positions in key airports across Europe this year EasyJet have been voted one, Premium Pricing.In competing against legacy carriers, easyJet's main advantage is its price structure, which sees its average fares somewhere around 50% lower than those of the major carriers on short haul routes and 20% to 40% below those of most other lower cost competitors. Clarity is important so that the mission statement is understood by all relevant stakeholders of Easyjet Plc Company. Germany Free EasyJet Essay Topic Generator. US Airways. Business model, brand and the way the brand owner defines what the brand stands for overlap as much as possible. [58] The airline has used a number of slogans since its establishment, including "The Web's Favourite Airline", "Come on, let's fly" and "To Fly, To Save" (a parody of British Airways' slogan "To Fly, To Serve"). Airline, Impacts of Tourism The company was founded by . Out of the sum, 600 million came from the Covid Corporate Financing Facility provided by the UK government and over 400m was raised from placement of shares. Customers - they would want cheap flights that are comfortable and safe. When flights are cancelled, passengers are supposed to be reimbursed within one week. 2008 2007 Change. THREATS See Answer. 4.2.2 BIBLIOGRAPHY Stakeholder Also the product that airlines serve is a somewhat typical service. The two organisations I will be looking at are Tesco and Macmillan. folder_openmexicali east border crossing Efficiency-driven operational model ( tutto quello che c e scritto sotto) Offsetting can however only be an interim solution, while the zero-emissions technology that we need is developed to reinvent aviation. Columbia Business School 0 Columbia University New York NY 10027- ok2018@columbia.edu The Airlines industry is quite highly sensitive to the environmental factors and is profoundly affected by the changes in the political social or the economic environment. Between 2003 and 2007, it opened additional bases in Germany, France, Italy, and Spain, establishing a presence in continental Europe. The airline's loyalty programme is called Flight Club. [18] Despite commercial pressure from the emergent no-frills sector, traditional airlines have been unable to directly adopt similar practices to EasyJet due to vigorous protection of existing employee privileges by unions. Harrison claimed that the EcoJet, combined with other improvements in the industry, would enable a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions within eight years. I have found this less to be the case with easyJet, and most of the . [112], The airline's main fleet, comprising Airbus A319, A320/A320neo and A321neo aircraft, carry up to 156, 180/186 and 235 passengers respectively, depending on layout. 3.5.2 Boarding the plane 10 The level of stakeholders depends on the political economic and social environment. Collect and evaluate economic factors which might influence EasyJet general business environment. [17], EasyJet has its roots in the business activity of Greek-Cypriot Stelios Haji-Ioannou, who reportedly gained an interest in the aviation business after being approached as a potential investor in Virgin Atlantic's Greek franchisee. [102] The company took delivery of the first A321neo on 18 July 2018 at the Farnborough International Airshow. With the demand on transportation and advancements on technologies airline industry became one of the fastest developing industries on the world. "The total European package holidays market is worth around 61bn per year we know customers want holidays with various durations and not the traditional seven and 14 nights. Memmingen or "Munich West", which is about 1.5 hours west of Munich to be precise). As such any organization must strive to identify its stakeholders and their specific needs, Premium [10 marks] b) Explain the positioning of each stakeholder and the strategic implications for EasyJet. [62] However, there has been few announcements on the project since then. [6] It operates domestic and international scheduled services on 927 routes in more than 34 countries via its affiliate airlines EasyJet UK, EasyJet Switzerland, and EasyJet Europe. The organisation mainly expands through acquisitions 4. At the time, EasyJet stated that it intended to introduce electric aircraft into revenue service within 10 years. [9] It employs circa 13,000 people, based throughout Europe but mainly in the UK. ( Sull Kuemmerle and Cabral199920-38) In the year 2000 easyJet succeeded, Premium Its strategy of success entails focusing on the economical strategy. Customers booking flights through the airline's website are provided with quotes for several hotels at their destination. They have expanded massively and now in England there are now over 3300 stores in the UK alone, Premium II/ Comparison, Premium It works by reducing the build-up of debris and reduces drag across the surface of the aircraft, thus reducing the fuel bill. ABSTRACT i [10][27], In 2002, the airline opened its base at Gatwick Airport. They also want to create business opportunities that set them apart from competition and also to provide value for their stakeholders. [105], On 20 July 2022, during the Farnborough International Airshow, EasyJet confirmed the placing of an order for 56 A320neo, including an upsizing of 18 A320neo from their original order to the longer A321neo model. Competitors and competitive advantage 11 Passengers may purchase items on board from the "Eat Drink Shop" buy on board programme. More than 29 million passengers carried by the largest airline company EasyJet in the UK. must follow the employee/labor health and safety laws as some countries have strict regulations to ensure labor safety. These cookies ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website, anonymously. Stakeholder Future expansion 12 Designing the workspace to have a nice environment for the employees to work well in this will increase the efficiency of the company. The facility, located in Essex, around 50km east of the UK capital, announced a pre-tax loss of 21.5m for the year ending February 28, 2022. The easyJet Marketing Channels TV Advertising conveys a message that easyJet is the consumers friend and raises brand awareness. The airline was renamed EasyJet Switzerland and commenced franchise services on 1 April 1999, having relocated its headquarters to Geneva International Airport. [11][31][33][34], On 18 June 2013, the airline announced an intention to acquire subject to shareholder approval 35 Airbus A320 aircraft, for delivery between 2015 and 2017, and 100 Airbus A320neo aircraft for delivery between 2017 and 2022. 3.2 Product and services 6 2.2.4. Both airlines have adapted this model for the European market through further cost-cutting measures, such as not selling connecting flights or providing complimentary snacks on board. 1. ( Sull Kuemmerle and Cabral199920-38) In the year 2000 easyJet succeeded, Premium Easyjet is a low-cost airline with headquarters in Londons Luton Airport. Global warming, As mentioned before Europe has around three thousand short-haul airlines meaning that the competition of easyJet can be very wide. Easyjet PLC is a United Kingdom-based holding company engaged in providing flights and package holidays, principally in Europe. Within a year, over 50% of bookings were made using the website; by April 2004, the figure had reportedly jumped to 98%. Mainstream airports (mostly): One of the main complaints I have about budget airlines in Europe is often they fly out of the most random little airports that are actually miles and miles away from the actual city they claim to be in (e.g. [24] However, in April 2006, the threat of takeover receded as FL sold its stake for 325million, securing a profit of 140m on its investment. The two strategic choices offered include 1) expanding into new market segments and 2) modernization of brand image. School Number: 110131060 [68][69] The airline describes this as an "interim" measure whilst the next generation of aircraft propulsion is developed. What we do. Stake holders are tenet to the development and performance of the organization without which the organization either cease or collapse completely. The company has clearly identiable operational and marketing, Premium With the acquisition of GB Airways in 2007, easyJet inherited nine Airbus A320 and six Airbus A321 aircraft. Customer service The figures used were not based on emissions produced by an EasyJet aircraft or emissions produced by the airline overall as the advertisement implied, and ASA declared that the airline had broken advertising rules. Strategic Management Essays, Term Papers & Presentations . Thats why, for every single flight we operate, we offset all the carbon emissions from the fuel used, by supporting projects that protect against deforestation, plant trees or drive the uptake of renewable energy. Stakeholders can affect or be affected by the organization s actions objectives and policies. Employees - they want to be . [66][67], Since November 2019, easyJet has offset the carbon emissions from all of its flights using carbon offsetting projects that meet either the Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) accreditation. Strong operational efficiency leading to a low-cost model. Ways of Working Strategy. These aircraft have subsequently been transferred to Berlin-Brandenburg Airport. In September 2018, he suggested there should be a law to favour more women pilots in the industry. Who are EasyJet stakeholders? Strategic management The airline's monthly inflight magazine is called The Traveller. Easyjet Case Study. Provide an explanation for each stakeholder position and identify the potential strategic implications. Strategic management In 2017, EasyJet Plc flew 80.2 million passengers on flights that carried 86.7 million seats. Influences the aims and objectives of Tesco as they have a large say in the company so, Premium EasyJet Marketing and Management in the Airline Industry Case Study Analysis discusses that This is a competitive world, mainly, for business as it has to face competition from its rival in its market industry while giving stiff competition to others. EasyJet was reported to have secured a significant reduction on the list price of the aircraft as part of their original 2013 deal with Airbus. [18][20] To encourage the company, Luton Airport chose to give EasyJet free use of a 15,000 square feet building for its headquarters, which it named easyLand; its management style typified minimal overhead, such as an early implementation of the paperless office concept. EasyJet the company is a low cost airline looking to undercut traditional carriers that were already known and established in the industry. (It is) complete nonsense, easyJet CEO Johan Lundgren told Reuters in an interview. [93] Citing diminishing demand on the route, EasyJet ceased all flights to Moscow in March 2016. Pricing 3.1.5 Credit terms 5 DON SULL London Business School and Commentators Constantinos Markides Walter Kuemmerle Luis Cabral. Start a SWOT and Porter's 5 Forces Analysis for the company; Make a list of the issues/problems you face. All in all marketing is one of the most elements, Premium It has seen an increase in customer loyalty in its core markets. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. Other executives of the airline saw the potential and approved a website trial involving putting a different telephone reservation number on the website to track success. All three of the hub's main airlines Wizz Air, Ryanair and easyJet also scrapped flights in and out of the . easyJet is one of the world's most successful low-cost airlines.

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